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Time to Let Go


Amber is done with men. After throwing out yet another boyfriend, she decides she needs some time away from her life in London and heads to the States. This trip throws her straight into the path of Nick, a playboy who keeps a list of women he can call whenever he wants a casual encounter.

A one-night stand suits Amber fine, but Nick is intrigued by this English beauty, who leaves him once she has had what she wants. He is used to calling the shots when it comes to romance. He pursues her across the Atlantic, not realizing that his actions are changing the course of his and Amber’s lives forever.

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Love Lost and Found


Lisa is perfectly happy living and working in New York when she is suddenly sent to Paris by her boss with orders to make a success of it, or lose her job.

Alone and struggling in a strange city, she turns to the one person in Paris she knows. Olivier, a sexy French café owner, is part of her past. A past she would rather forget.

Seeing him again reignites feelings and passions she has long kept hidden. She knows what she wants, but realizes she has no future with Olivier or any other man until she deals with the demons of her past.

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Crossing the Line


Lauren is looking forward to summer in the English countryside, until Chris, a handsome, arrogant businessman, arrives and threatens to ruin everything she has worked for. She knows she should hate him, but the more she sees of him the more she is compelled to draw him into her world, and her bed.

Even so, Lauren is not prepared to give in to Chris’s demands. Chris begins to see just what he is up against, and the more he gets to know Lauren, the closer he gets to crossing the line. His values are challenged by this beautiful and fearless woman.

Gradually, Lauren sees a change in Chris, but can she trust him? Is the romantic and sexual connection between them really what it seems to be? Or is Chris using her to further his own agenda?

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Where Loyalties Lie

whereloyaltieslie cover

Ellie Davis has it all – a share of a family business, a luxury apartment in Manhattan and more handbags than any woman would ever need. But she is not satisfied with her life. She has been in the family business since leaving college. It’s all she has ever known. What would it be like to do something different? Something like working on a yacht?

Nathan Trent makes his millions by helping business owners plan and execute hostile takeovers. When Alexander Farrell, a fashion industry mogul invites him aboard his yacht for a two-week business trip on the Mediterranean, he knows Alexander is planning something big. What he doesn’t realize is that the stunning crew member assigned to look after his every need will become more important to him than he could ever imagine.

Ellie and Nathan should stay professional and out of bed, but can they resist the temptation? And will Alexander’s plans destroy their fragile chance for happiness?

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The Boxer

theboxer cover

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